Angie Finlay

    Angie Finlay
    Aggressive Behavior in ADHD Children

    Aggressive Behavior in ADHD Children

    Feb 22 2016
    ADHD aggressive behavior that goes unchecked for a long time can turn into a chronic problem that interferes with social growth and quality of life.
    Put Humor First

    9 Tips for Managing Mood Swings

    Nov 5 2015
    ADHD medication can help when it comes to focus, anxiety, and mood swings, but it’s not a universal cure. Here are nine tips for managing mood swings.
    Focus on What Works

    8 Ways to Improve Your Time Management

    Jul 7 2015
    Running late is pretty common in this busy modern life, but does it seem like you just can’t get anywhere on time? Well, you’re not alone.