Focus on What Works

Being on Time

Running late is pretty common in this busy modern life, but does it seem like you just can’t get anywhere on time? Well, you’re not alone. When you live with ADHD, your sense of time is a bit different. Some things seem to drag on forever, other things seems to fly by, and it’s easy to “lose” time when your focus falters or you forget what you were doing.

A bit of procrastination is one thing, but chronic lateness is a big problem for anyone; it leads to strained relationships, poor career mobility and self-blame. Rather than accept your shortcomings as a given, learn to work around your time troubles with these helpful tips to stay on track.

1. Subtract 15 Minutes

When you’re working with a specific time, take away 15 minutes – that’s the time you should be aiming to arrive. So many things can keep you from getting out of the house, and even more can happen en route, so get in the habit of automatically adjusting your goal time.

In the worst case, you’ll be there a bit early and have a few minutes to yourself. Bring along a book, or keep a checklist with you to track everything you’ve done so far (very empowering!) or plan what’s in store for the next day to maintain your motivation. Budgeting your time is like budgeting your money – you’ll ultimately feel like you have more of it, even though you’re simply watching how you spend it.

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