Put Humor First

Learning to Control and Counteract Emotions Before They Cause Problems

Everyone deals with anxiety, anger and impatience from time to time, but attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tends to magnify those emotions. In some cases, your changing moods can interfere with your job, home life or friendships, leaving you feeling helpless and demoralized. Obviously, this is no way to live your life.

ADHD medication can be very helpful when it comes to focus, anxiety and mood swings, but it’s not a universal cure. After all, ADHD manifests in different ways and it can be difficult to get the dosage right to fight off your particular set of symptoms.

If you find your moods are getting the better of you, it may be time to consult a psychiatrist to investigate further, but there’s plenty you can do on your own time to balance out your volatile temperament. Here are nine tips for managing mood swings right away.

1. Schedule Time to Vent

Letting feelings and reactions bubble up inside can be uncomfortable, and will probably end badly. Instead, put aside time each week — or each day, if you need to — to let off steam with a fun, energetic activity.

Dance around to loud music, watch an intense sports match, or join a fitness class at your local gym. Anything that works well as a stress release will do the trick.

Although venting your anger or frustration is crucial, it’s also important to put aside time to be calm. In both cases, physically scheduling the activity will help you stick to the plan and not feel guilty about taking time out for yourself.

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