Many ADHD-Doubters Still Exist

ADHD Facts

ADHD is everywhere. Many people know someone with the diagnosis or have it themselves. If you work or live with kids, you might feel like every child born in the last 15 years has some level of ADHD.

There is more information available about ADHD than ever before. But problems can arise when you become so saturated with information — you might begin to find it difficult to separate fact from the fiction.

It’s important to get back to the fundamentals in order to understand what ADHD is really about. Here’s a list of ADHD facts you might not know.

1. Many ADHD-Doubters Still Exist

To many this will seem obvious, but to others it will come as shocking news. The doubters tend to throw around unsubstantiated claims like “ADHD is a modern disease,” “ADHD only happens in the US,” or, “ADHD is a way for the drug companies to get rich from your kids.”

None of these assertions are true. The symptoms related to ADHD have been well-documented throughout time and from around the world. Over 200 years ago, a text was published in Germany that describes adults who could not complete responsibilities and children with poor attention and high energy.

The use of medication for ADHD symptoms was stumbled upon by a doctor, not a pharmaceutical company, in 1935. Like many events in mental health history, this was more of a coincidence than a purposeful plan.

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