Many ADHD-Doubters Still Exist

Even People Who Don't Seem "Hyper" Can Have ADHD

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2. Even People Who Don't Seem "Hyper" Can Have ADHD

There is a wide range of ADHD symptoms that can present. They are all dependent on the person expressing the symptoms. If you close your eyes to imagine someone with ADHD, you probably see a child who is constantly active and unable to focus in a classroom. But this is not always the case.

There are actually three forms of ADHD. They are:

  • Combined presentation
  • Predominately hyperactive presentation
  • Predominately inattentive presentation

The second and third forms are self-explanatory, while the first is a combination of the other two. The predominantly inattentive group breaks the stereotype of what ADHD looks like, making it harder to recognize and diagnose. Even though they are different, they are all types of ADHD. ADD is a term that people sometimes use to describe the last group, but this term is never used in a clinical setting.

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