Lack of Focus or Hyper Focus

Lack of Focus or Hyper Focus

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2. Lack of Focus or Hyper Focus

For people with ADHD, lack of focus is more than just having trouble paying attention. ADHDers are easily distracted (hence the higher rate of car accidents) and tend to have a hard time listening to others, paying attention to details and completing tasks and projects at work.

On the opposite site, some people will experience hyperfocus. In this case, they may be so focused on one task that they will ignore anything else around them, easily losing track of time.

Tips for these issues:

  • Make a to do list, prioritize the items on it, and stick to a schedule /plan
  • Avoid distractions by doing only one thing at a time – don’t attempt to multitask.
  • Set up specific time to spend time with your family (i.e. dinner, weekend trips)
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