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2. Homeschooling

I have many friends and relatives who have homeschooled their children. Homeschooling is no longer viewed as an “unusual choice”. It offers many benfits. Kids who are homeschooled often do very well in college as they have had opportunities to be self-directed in their learning.

One of the biggest concerns that people have when homeschooling is discussed is that the children will be isolated. What happens when homeschooling is done with care is that the children are exposed regularly to experiences which resemble “real life” more accurately than in the conventional school setting. Socialization experiences are less likely to be overwhelming. This provides a huge boost for a child’s self-esteem and ability to bond with peers. Cooperatives, online options and pre-designed curriculums are available.

Homeschooling is not for every family, and it requires a huge time commitment. I think it is an excellent opportunity for children who have ADHD because the child’s educational plan can be custom tailored to meet his or her needs. The home setting is less likely to create distractions for the child and he or she will have the opportunity to progress at his or her own rate without being compared to peers.

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